Barry introduced me to craniosacral fascial work in my Pfrimmer deep muscle class back in the 1980s. I've had a very successful career in massage for nearly 20 years using mostly MFR, craniosacral, and Pfrimmer deep muscle therapy.

But your seminar was over and above my expectations. It was user friendly. Much of it covered what I already knew, but I discovered some missing links that have made a world of difference in my work.

 For the first time I can actually feel the craniosacral movement even though I was doing MFR work for 11 years. I've gained a far better grasp of the cranial anatomy and the relevance of the cranial bones to each other when one is tweaked ever so lightly.
The biggest eye opener is the sequence of how we do the work. I am able to release fascial restrictions much faster now since taking your seminar, with less effort.

My Clients Cannot Believe The Difference

One client with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, who I've been treating for years, had far more energy with no pain and better eyesight following her first CFT session. All of her improvements have remained with her, and she continues to get better with each session.

The chiropractor in my office has seen a remarkable difference in her patients' spinal columns and mental attitude since I have been using CFT. In fact, she is so impressed with the work that she's been referring many patients to my home office since there's not enough time in her office to fit them all in.

I've Been Swamped With Work

I have a deluge of clients! For a time I felt like running away from the flood of clients. I've been busy over the years but never like this! I can only attribute this to the work you've passed on to me, Barry. Thank you.

Leona Schlageter, P.D.M.T. Fleetwood, PA 

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