CFT makes up 40% of my practice. The increase is still growing through word of mouth. Also, it will lengthen my career, as it is physically easier to do.


The children are responding to CFT so well that their parents are amazed. The fact that there is an end to treatment has parents very willing to try therapy. The feedback from parents on their child's improvement is very rewarding.

 The workshop is unique because of Dr. Gillespie's passion and caring; he's a teacher who truly loves what he's doing and teaching.

Daniel G. Jobson, P.D.M.T., Perkiomenville, PA

If you want to make a difference for your clients and excel personally and professionally, this is the course you must take.

This was the finest seminar I have attended for several reasons. The course alone offers training and knowledge that makes a difference. The science behind it is irrefutable. The rationale, techniques, therapies, and sequence are superior. Its true value far exceeds its cost.

Jim Clear NCTMB, LMT, RMTI Las Cruces, NM

I have unsuccessfully taken other craniosacral courses in Florida that introduce craniosacral therapy. After three days of the CFT seminar, I could use this system confidently.

Jonah Salomon, Massage Therapy Instructor, Florida College of Natural Health Orlando, FLA

This piece of natural health allows my clients to reach a state of wellness much sooner than with past techniques.

The small group made it personal and easier to learn the information and techniques. It was an honor to have Dr. Gillespie as a teacher.

Diane Krulock, Nutritionist Mechanicsburg, PA

I got it all in one weekend.

Donna Alcorn, R.N., B.S., M. Ed., C.M.T. York, PA

Dr. Gillespie's workshop has made me a more complete therapist. By integrating craniosacral fascial therapy with my own muscle therapy, I can give my clients a complete and thorough treatment. I can successfully treat children and adults with asthma, earaches, migraines, headaches, and other conditions.

This therapy has opened many new doors for me both professionally and personally. I was able to take it one step farther and open my own practice. After being open only four weeks, I became so busy that I added another therapist. I've never been happier than I am being on my own.

I highly recommend this workshop to any professional who wishes to expand his/her realm of practice.

Suzette Grenier Howland, C.M.T. Worcester, MA

The training from Dr. Gillespie's CFT seminar took my work to a new level. Everybody noticed the difference with the treatment. It's very exciting.

A 10-year-old girl came to me with migraines. With only one treatment her headaches stopped, and she is happier than her mother has seen her for a long time. I was amazed. The work is very profound.

Tatiana Slattery, N.C.M.T. Philadelphia, PA

Clients are getting results they haven't experienced before with little effort on my part.

The workshop is unique in its small class, more individual help, Dr. Gillespie's thoroughness in answering questions, and the great use of bones to demonstrate techniques.

Jan Hartline, M.T., P.D.M.T. Eagle, PA

The course takes you to the next level for your clients. Then true healing can begin since you are getting to the real cause of the discomfort.

Hope Hicks, M.T. Winchester, VA

I gained new perspective on the body as a whole in working from a more subtle level. I am more aware of what the body needs.

Clients have told me I am able to get to the core of the problem that seemed to elude me before.

Donna Fae Dodson, R.N., L.M.T. Rochester, NY

It has opened up a whole new mindset in my approach to effectively release tension. I found the small class size and one-on-one instruction to be very helpful. Also, the results of these techniques are very profound. Clients are telling me that they are sleeping and feeling better overall.

Nancy L. Carll, N.C.M.T. Malvern, PA

 Craniosacral fascial work has been the key that has enabled my massage work to be more effective and go deeper into the body. My clients report feeling better overall, inside and out.

This work is amazing, and Dr. Gillespie is on the cutting edge. Many of my clients are very excited and eager to receive treatments when CFT is included with Pfrimmer deep muscle therapy.

Lisa Rumer, P.T.A., N.C.M.T., P.D.M.T. Dublin, PA

The size of the class was small and I really liked the interaction with Barry. He always made himself available for questions.

Jill N. Raimato, C.M.T. Baltimore, MD

Since this workshop had a lot of bodywork, it was a class within itself. I'm looking forward to using CFT on the foster children who go through my home.

Patty Kuzmak, B.S.W., C.M.T. Certified Infant Massage Instructor Baltimore, Maryland

I received tons of useful information immediately

Kate Horrigan, P.T. New York City, New York

Clients are getting dramatic results, as their craniosacral-fascial system opens up and specific strains are released.

The workshop differs from others because of the small number of students and the greater amount of time spent working on each other. Since Barry worked on us frequently during the weekend, we had the opportunity to feel what he was teaching through his years of experience.

Brigid E. Meagher, C.M.T., C.S.T. and S.E.R. Paoli, PA

 The course is enlightening, simple, supportive, and educational. It is truly amazing work.

Cheryl Thommer, C.M.T. Millersville, Maryland

What I learned at the seminar brings another level of healing to my work.

Anne Marie Brady, C.M.T. Mountainhome, PA

I enjoyed seeing and comparing the differences between plastic bones and real skull bones, especially the small facial bones. Learning this work affords me the opportunity to offer my clients more options in bodywork.

Cynthia L. Gaydos, C.P.D.M.T. King of Prussia, PA

Although I presently work with children, this provides me with a great deal of more helpful clinical information.

Barbara Feeney, LMT Greenwich, CT

The workshop gave me additional techniques to work on the craniosacral fascial system. Actually, it brought it all together and helped me to fine tune my work.

Kristine King, L.M.T., C.M.T., N.M.T. Shillington, PA

Following workshops, I always have a few questions come to mind. Unlike other workshops, this was so thorough that I have found I'm confident to do the work without any questions.

Kay Gustin, L.M.T. Troy, PA

The workbook was incredibly comprehensive.

Patricia A Carrigan, L.M.T. Shepherdstown, WV

I can look at a patient's symptoms and go right to the source of the problem. The treatment is non-invasive to the patient.

My clients are responding very well to CFT. They are finding true relief from pain. They no longer have to rely so heavily on pain relievers that only mask the true cause of the problem.

Linda G. Larkin, Shiatsu Practitioner, Reiki Therapist, and Craniosacral Fascial Therapist Valley Forge, PA

Since I do Reiki, the physical side of this work will give added benefits. It gets to areas other therapies do not. It was a great idea to send out the workbook prior to the class.

Janet Hoffman, M.T. St. Peter's, PA

Everyone has tension and traumas from dealing with life's ups and downs. This work can be helpful for anyone because we basically have the same structure, perhaps just different blocks or problems to address. Many children may respond more quickly, but adults can certainly use releases and rebalancing. It's nice to have something that works for babies too.

Beth James Foos, M.T. Exton, PA

It was excellent to have materials ahead of time. The anatomy/bone demos were fabulous.

Denise M. Welsh, L.M.T. W. Boylston, MA

The workbook was like Barry was talking directly to us. This was the best seminar I have ever attended.

Martha Davis, L.M.T. East Brookfield, MA

I would like to completely change my practice around and only do craniosacral fascial work. CFT is also easier on my body.

June Bishop, L.M.T. Shrewsbury, MA

I found more care and concern for learning in this seminar. Most instructors just strut their stuff.

Cheryl Davis Eller, L.M.T.Orlando, FL

Through this work I can affect the entire body's functioning via a non- invasive method. Finally, I have an alternative to traditional drug therapy.

I feel I found something that ultimately will change my life and the lives of those I touch.

Christa Anne Barry, P.D.M.T. Baltimore, MD

You can feel dramatic changes in yourself, which solidify the techniques for you and give you confidence to practice on others. It can also prolong your career because it's so easy on your hands, wrists, and body. As a holistic approach, it is a great integration of the best massage has to offer.

Michael S. Trammell, C.M.T., N.C.T.M.B. Charlottesville, Virginia

This course enabled me to look differently at every patient. I can now help patients I previously thought I couldn't help. This class also helped me realize why some of my best efforts in the past have failed.

Jacqueline J. Shakar, MSPT, AT, CMT Auburn, MA

Having studied some cranial, TMJ, and myofascial work, I found CFT to be a synthesis of the best in each.

Matthew Schrier, MS, DC Newington, CT 



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