1. I work often with clients experiencing prolonged symptoms from concussion. Months even years. After opening their brain cycle thru CFT, healing begins.

All of the physical therapy they are doing greatly improves, symptoms begin to fade, children return to school, adults become themselves again.

This work is critical to helping the brain heal from concussions.

Please consider learning this work so you can facilitate this kind of healing. You will make a huge difference in many lives. Hope to see you!

Kim Sherlock - CFT InstructorKim Sherlok - CFT Instructor

2. A year ago I did CFT on 49 year old male who was suffering from head trauma, pain and disorientation from a concussion suffered in a basketball game where another player's fist came in hard contact with my client's head and jaw. He had severe problems functioning daily. Fortunately he came to me a couple of days after the trauma. As I assessed his cranium, I could feel that his cranial bones were severely out of alignment due to the blow to the head and jaw. As I held his head and worked with the fascia, I felt the fascia unwind and the cranial bones move back into place.

He did need more sessions but it was a huge help to him.

Alicia Smith - CFT Practitioner

3. This week Mike and I did one of our one year check ups for Baby Day at a housecall. The child is now 2 years old and the mother never brought her in for her checkup because she was doing so well. We were asked to check her because she had an accident in Sept 2011 where she fell out of the barn and hit her head on cement. She went to the hospital with a concussion, fractured skull, and bleeding from her ears. She spent a short time in the hospital and upon returning home, the parents found it hard to keep her "still". She was active and wanted to play with no apparent side affects at all. With our one year checkup we repeat the Brain Score and found miraculously her brain and sacral cycle were in sync at 60 seconds. This was of course lower than where we had left her at the end of her newborn treatments, but we were surprised to see that she had any motion after a fractured skull. We then started to palpate for strain and found very little...there was some strain the frontal bone, sinuses, and shoulders.

Those areas released in about 10 minutes and her system reopened beautifully. The mother said that she was doing really well since the accident and really only wanted her checked because she knew it was a "good thing". This is probably the 4th or 5th child we have followed up after a major head injury and found them to be doing very well.

This work is so beautiful in many ways, but we are finding it is providing an "immunity" against the side affects of major injuries in these 1 yr checkups. We are very Blessed.

Kristen Kercher Myers - CFT Practitioner

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